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SIGA was once again the proud Title Sponsor of FSIN’s Spirit of Our Nations Cultural Celebration and Pow Wow. Held at the
Sasktel Centre in Saskatoon, this event is the largest and last Pow Wow of the season in Saskatchewan and draws thousands
of dancers, drummers and spectators to this First Nations cultural event. It is a family oriented and community minded event
that encompasses First Nations cultures, traditions and ceremonies and is open to the general public.
First Nations ceremonies and traditions are integral to the success of a Pow Wow celebration. Sweats and feasts are held prior
to the Pow Wow; pipes are raised and offerings are made to ask for guidance, blessings, good health and safe travels for all
involved. A ceremonial tipi is raised and pipe ceremonies are held where prayers are offered for all the people. In this way, our
ceremonies form a vital part of all the gatherings and proceedings of the Pow Wow.
SIGA was pleased to enter into a five-year commitment with ANHH in 2014-2015. First Nations people of Saskatchewan
face significant challenges today with respect to obtaining timely access to quality health care services that meet the unique
needs of their communities. The Chronic Illness Centre of Health can assist youth, Elders, and seniors to maintain their health
and wellbeing as well as provide assistance through preventative measures with regard to chronic illness. The Centre will also
reduce the stress of clients travelling to a major centre for dialysis treatment and this will help improve their quality of life. With
SIGA’s financial support, the ANHH will be able to provide dialysis services for First Nation patients/clients in need of dialysis
as well as provide a strong prevention focus to assist patients/clients to maintain their kidney health.This opportunity will be the
first in Canada to create a purpose-built chronic facility that is owned, governed, and operated by a First Nations Tribal Council.
The Chronic Illness Centre of Health will be a showcase site that demonstrates the value we place on First Nations and Métis
populations, and provide the rest of our healthcare system with a model for efficient delivery of care for chronic illness, the cost
of which is 80 billion dollars to Canadians.
SIGA was again a top sponsor of the First Nation Winter Games in 2014. The games were held in Prince Albert and were
hosted by the Prince Albert Grand Council April 20th – 25th, 2014. A celebration of sport and culture, this event epitomizes
healthy living and builds community at all levels. This experience provided a healthy and safe environment for participants from
First Nations throughout Saskatchewan and left a legacy of community-building and civic pride for the city of Prince Albert.
This event marked the 40th Anniversary of the Saskatchewan First Nation Games Program and celebrated 40 years of
First Nation Sports Excellence with 74 First Nations and 13 regional teams participating. SIGA has been a supporter of the
Saskatchewan First Nations Summer & Winter Games since SIGA opened its doors in 1996.
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