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At SIGA, one of our values speaks to the sharing of our land and sharing of our resources. The guiding principle,
Wîtaskêwin, reminds us to give back to the communities where we live and operate.
SIGA works diligently to develop initiatives and policies that work in a positive manner to effectively communicate
its work as a corporation. It is part of SIGA’s mandate to remain keen on the strategic, social and economic
impact in the areas we operate in provincially.
We are committed to making a meaningful difference. SIGA has continued a long tradition of giving back to the
communities where we work and live. We remain firmly committed to doing business in a socially responsible
way. In 2014-2015 SIGA continued to have a positive impact on our consumers, employees, communities, and
stakeholders through the strategic dispersal of sponsorship dollars. SIGA allocated $1.7 million in sponsorships
to business and tourism, health and well-being, sports and recreation, arts and culture, education and training.
Funding was dispersed with a focus on groups such as our youth (First Nations and youth at risk), seniors,
socially and economically disadvantaged individuals and families, and people with special needs.
As responsible corporate citizens, SIGA seeks to have a positive impact on their consumers by maintaining
responsible gaming best practices. One of the ways this is done is by providing education and awareness to
SIGA patrons and employees, promoting responsible gaming, and being responsive to the issue of high-risk
gambling behaviour. In 2014-2015 all six of SIGA’s casinos were accredited by the RG Check program for
responsible gaming, and all of SIGA’s employees were trained in Responsible Gaming.
Last year SIGA provided $100,000 in scholarships to First Nations students who were pursuing post-secondary
education. In 2014-2015, SIGA entered into partnership with the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies.
This partnership has allowed SIGA to strengthen their Summer Student employee recruitment, and hard to
fill positions. SIGA is very proud of the employer supported volunteer program. Employees are making their
communities a better place by giving of themselves in volunteer service. Twenty-one percent of SIGA employees
are enrolled in the volunteer program and hundreds of volunteer hours are being logged each year.
By 2014-2015 more than $800 million has been generated by SIGA for an assortment of beneficiaries.
SIGA is proud to say that their operations have been conducted in a socially responsible manner, placing a
positive footprint here in Saskatchewan.
SIGA’s eco-friendly decision to securely shred and recycle 27,796 short (US) tons(s) paper with Iron Mountain
resulted in the following environmental benefits from April 1, 2014 – March 31, 2015.
187.500 trees
55.870 Cubic Yards of
landfill space conserved
306,290.514 Gallons of
water saved = 33.522 pools
full of water saved
25,253.240 kWh of
electricity saved = 67.044
years of energy demand for
a laptop
16,179.952 lbs of CO
avoided = 1.564 cars off the road
per year
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