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For SIGA and our strategic plan to be successful we must invest in our most important resource – our people.
Strategic Objectives
Performance Indicators
Talented Workforce
Employees who have
completed core training –
target 75%
Investing in our employees is a priority for SIGA.
SIGA’s Core Training program is one of the ways
SIGA invests in its employees, where all employees
take required training within their first year of
employment. An aggressive target was set for
the company and considerable focus was placed
on core training during 2014-2015 resulting in
achieving an 89% core training completion rate.
Complimentary to this, employees have strongly
indicated that they receive enough training to do
their job well (4.1 out of 5) and had the opportunity
for growth (3.95 out of 5) on employee satisfaction
surveys that were done throughout year.
Leadership Development
Developing our leaders to
motivate and inspire teams
to accomplish SIGA’s
vision and mission as .
an organization.
400 of SIGA’s leaders (supervisors and managers)
have participated in SIGA’s, in-house built,
Leadership Development Program over the
fiscal year. Leaders attended three (3) modules,
with the 4th module “Leadership Coaching”
being developed for piloting in the new fiscal
year. Throughout the year, there were over 60
permanent pinternal promotions, thousands of
hours of TPHD (Temporary Performance of Higher
Duties) and Acting appointments which provides
employees with opportunities to grow and develop
their leadership skills.
Engaged Workforce
Employee Satisfaction .
and Engagement
Growing SIGA’s reputation as an employer of 1st
choice and a great place to work while ensuring
competitive pay, benefits, and rich opportunities
for learning and development have been key areas
of focus.
Health & Wellness programming and services
continue to promote healthy lifestyles amongst .
our employees and their families.
Individual total rewards statements are provided
to each employee outlining the dollar value of
the investments (benefits, pension, base salary,
allowances, paid time off work, incentives, etc.)
SIGA makes in employees.
Using the Conference Board of Canada
engagement criteria, SIGA continues to have .
a strong employee engagement rating of 90%,
where employees are proud to work for SIGA,
aspects of their jobs, incentives, flexibility and .
a safe work environment were drivers for .
employee engagement.
Employee Volunteerism
– 21% of all SIGA
Employee volunteer participation targets exceeded
Volunteer partnerships have been developed with
local charitable organizations in all communities
where we operate (At least 2 per community).
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