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I would like to offer my sincerest thanks to our customers and employees for
making 2014-2015 a successful year of operations for the Saskatchewan
Indian Gaming Authority (SIGA). Through relationships with our loyal patrons,
and the hard work of our employees, we recorded revenues of $256.5M and
net income of $84.1M of which all is shared with our beneficiaries across the
province. We are proud to report a fourth consecutive year where profits have
exceeded $80M.
Building relationships with our customers is essential to SIGA’s success. .
In 2014-2015, our aim was to deliver a first-rate experience to our valued
patrons. We are very thankful for the over four million visitors who made a .
SIGA casino their top choice for entertainment. To ensure we continue to
compete well in a mature industry we focused on improving our business
through facility upgrades and new product offerings such as our refreshed
“Smoke Signals” Wide-Area Progressive Jackpot. We thank our customers for their patience as we worked to
enhance the SIGA experience. With your support and the careful management of our resources we achieved
incremental gains this past year in support of our mission to strengthen the lives of the First Nations people.
Clearly our people are integral to our success. SIGA was established with a vision to create opportunity and deliver
sustainable long-term benefits. As one of Saskatchewan’s largest employers we take pride in creating jobs that
cultivate a personal sense of pride and belonging. SIGA now employs close to 1,900 people of which 66% are .
First Nations, making SIGA the largest employer of First Nations people in Canada. To support our vision, we
provide learning and development opportunities that equip our employees with the skills and knowledge necessary .
to grow and advance in their careers. This also cultivates the traditional First Nations hospitality experience that
drives success for our company.
We are proud of and thankful to be a First Nations owned and operated corporation. Since opening our doors in
1996, we have placed a high priority on delivering strong results and sharing our success. As a 100% non-profit
organization, we return all of our profits to our First Nation owners, local development corporations and the province
of Saskatchewan. In addition, SIGA directly invested $1.7M dollars into hundreds of local organizations through our
Community Investment program in 2014-2015.
I would like to thank the Board of Directors for their leadership, and their focus on the governance of our company.
With their direction, SIGA is has been able to make strategic moves that support First Nations development in
Saskatchewan so that all people can share in our success.
President & CEO
Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority
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