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In 2015-2016 SIGA’s community relations sponsorship

program provided a $1.2M investment for charitable and

non-profit based organizations in Saskatchewan.

SIGA continues to make a positive impact through its

investment in its targeted sectors. These sectors include

education/training, health and well-being, sports and

recreation, business/tourism, and arts and culture. SIGA

continues to make a difference in the quality of life for the

socially, physically and economically disadvantaged as well

as those with special needs.

In 2015-2016, SIGA contributed to hundreds of

community organizations, including the Ronald McDonald

House, Canadian Diabetes Association, Gordon Tootoosis





ıwin Theatre (formerly Saskatchewan Native Theatre

Company), All Nations Healing Hospital, KidSport, Big

Brothers and Big Sisters, Saskatchewan Red Cross,

Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre, First Nations

University of Canada Pow Wow, Safe Drinking Water

Foundation’s educational kits for schools, University of

Saskatchewan youth programs, Literacy for Life and READ

Saskatoon just to name a few.

First Nations University of Canada (FNUC) 37th

Annual Spring Celebration Pow Wow

Once again SIGA was a Thunderbird sponsor of FNUC’s

spring Pow Wow which was held April 11th and 12th,

2015 in Regina. Marking the Pow Wow’s 37th year,

FNUC’s annual spring celebration Pow Wow is the first of

the season and is considered by many as the official “kick-

off” to the annual pow wow season. It is a celebration of

spring and a sharing of First Nations culture through song,

dance, ceremony and craft that adds to the diversity and

cultural mosaic of Saskatchewan.

Along with being a significant tourist draw, the FNUC Pow

Wow is one of the largest events of its kind attracting over

7,000 visitors and more than 800 dancers and singers

from across Canada and the United States.


donated to charitable and non-profit

based organizations in 2015-16


dancers and singers



At SIGA, one of our values speaks to the sharing of our land and sharing our

resources. The guiding principle, Wîtaskêwin, reminds us to give back to the

communities where we live and operate.