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Strategic Objectives

Performance Indicators


Optimize Net Income


Net income



Grow & Develop First

Nations Employment

Total number of First Nations


SIGA continues to be a leader in engaging, growing

and developing a First Nations workforce with 65.55%

of our employee base being First Nation (1,229) and

64.86% of managers being First Nation (72).

Support First

Nations Economic


Total Payments to First Nations



Strategic Objectives

Performance Indicators


Entertainment and

Hospitality Experience

Become the first choice entertainment

destination for customers by offering

unique entertainment options in the

markets we serve.

Large segment of population rate casino as top

entertainment destination in town.

Visitors agree they would recommend the casinos

to others.

There was a high percentage of adults in local market

who have visited the casino once in the last year.

Recognition and


Value the contribution of every

customer through personal interaction.

Guest satisfaction target was 45% of

guests being extremely satisfied.

Guest satisfaction with friendliness of staff was

rated very high.

Rated very high that they are recognized and

appreciated by staff.

Increased Players Club membership.

Overall guest satisfaction was 51.7%.

Quality Value-

Priced Dining

Be recognized for providing consistent,

high quality dining options that meet

the expectations of each of the market

segments we serve and are rated by

our customers as providing exceptional

value for the price charged.

Target 50%.

Guest surveys indicated a very high satisfaction level

with quality of food – Actual 51.7%.

Memorable Facilities &

Convenient Services

Be recognized as the highest quality

entertainment facility in each market

we operate in by incorporating

customer convenience into the

services we provide. Guest very


Atmosphere Target 47%.

Guest satisfaction with overall atmosphere rated very

high at 49.7%.


What are the outcomes expected by our owners?


What are our customers looking for?

Our strategy is “customer intimacy”.