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Strategic Objectives

Performance Indicators


Customer Service


Tend to VIP

Recognize the importance of

customers with a high value

through segmented pricing

promotion and customer

service standards.

Target exceeded via numerous VIP

appreciation events which included

dinner shows, live entertainment and

special events.

Exciting Entertainment

Create a winning

atmosphere by celebrating

wins and engaging

customers with exciting

and innovative promotions

and events.

Two annual SIGA-wide events

(Poker and Slot tournaments).

Welcomed over 25,000 new Players

Club members.

Players Club visits continue to

increase although marginally.

Live entertainment and a variety of

promotions and activities continue

to draw customer participation.

Know the Customer

Work continues on

developing psychographic

and demographic profiles of

our customers. This helps us

better serve our customers.

This data is analyzed and

integrated as a regular part of

our decision-making process.

Introduces U-Spin in four province-

wide promotions that saw 7,000

members rewarded with over

$26,000 in free-slot play.

Customer Service


Utilize technology to

enhance the delivery of

customer service.

Bally (CMS) introduced: U-Spin,

elite bonus.

New Product


To research and develop

gaming-related products and

services that will add value

to our customers.

• Vending Machine product

• New Smoke Signal

• Wide Area Progressive game



Corporate Social

Responsibility (CSR)

Meet or exceed targets for public

opinion polling.

Operational Efficiency

Increasing the efficiency

of key business processes

to optimize productivity

and income.

Meet targets to reduce salaries

and benefits. Budget by controlling

variable labour.


What services do we need to provide to excel?

To achieve our desired outputs SIGA will focus on several business process enhancements that are grouped in three primary

themes: Customer Service Excellence, Grow and Develop the Business and Operational Excellence.