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“SIGA has worked hard to build a

positive reputation in Saskatchewan

through its community investment and

job creation for First Nations people.”

It is my honour to present the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority’s (SIGA) 2015-2016 Annual Report.

Since its inception, SIGA has grown into a well-governed and successful First Nation-owned and operated gaming and

entertainment business.

SIGA has worked hard to build a positive reputation through its community investment and job creation for First Nations people.

SIGA serves as a cornerstone of business achievement for First Nations people in Saskatchewan.

Over the years, the SIGA Board of Directors has worked diligently to develop sound governance practices that keep SIGA aligned

with its vision of supporting First Nations economic development in Saskatchewan. As a board, we are committed to moving the

company forward by fulfilling a strategic plan that aims to deliver positive results for our stakeholders.

I would like to acknowledge and thank those Board members who have left the Board, Chief Larry Ahenakew, Senator Amanda

Louison and Robert Gerow. Your commitment and contribution to First Nations development is appreciated.

At the heart of SIGA’s work is the guiding principle “Wîtaskêwin.” In 20 years of operation, we have delivered over $850 million

in net profit to communities and charitable organizations in Saskatchewan. I feel a deep sense of pride in knowing that the vision

that the Chiefs of Saskatchewan had when they developed SIGA has resulted in the success we share today.

To the SIGA Board of Directors, the management team and all SIGA employees, I extend my gratitude for all of your hard work in

helping our organization succeed. I am confident there are many years of success to come for SIGA and our First Nations people.

Chief Reginald Bellerose

SIGA Board Chair