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The Board of Directors was comprised of 13 Members for

the 2015-2016 year. The Federation of Saskatchewan Indian

Nations and the Tribal Councils nominate these Members

(one per Tribal Council). There is one independent director

appointed by the SIGA Board with financial expertise.

Only individuals registered under

The Alcohol and Gaming

Regulation Act, 1997

may be Directors of the Board.

As per the Casino Operating Agreement, the Board structure

is comprised of no more than 13 Directors.

The 2015-2016 Directors are as follows:

• Chief Reginald Bellerose

• Chief Edward Henderson

• Chief Darcy Bear

• Chief Brian Standingready

• Bob Gerow

• Chief Richard Ben

• Carole Bryant

• Chief Delbert Wapass

• Kevin Poock

• Dr. Ron Martin

• Chief Marie Anne Daywalker-Pelletier

• Chief Connie Big Eagle replaced Amanda Louison

• Chief Kenny Moccasin replaced Chief Larry Ahenakew

The Board also has an advisor:

• Senate Advisor, Ted Quewezance replaced

Roland Crowe


The Board may appoint any committees that it considers

necessary for the efficient conduct of the affairs and business

of SIGA and may prescribe the duties of any committee

it appoints. It is important to note that assignment of

responsibility by the Board to a committee does not absolve

the full Board from responsibility for a committee’s work or

decisions. The Chair is ex-officio on all committees and may

attend any meeting as deemed appropriate. All committees

have established terms of reference governing their conduct

and mandate.

The Board has three (3) committees with established terms

of reference governing their code and mandate. These three

committees are as follows: Audit and Finance, Governance

(includes, human resource, compensation & ethics and

governance mandates) and Strategic Affairs.



The Audit and Finance Committee monitors the financial

performance and internal controls of SIGA, assesses risk

management strategies and acts as a liaison between the

internal and external auditors and the Board. This committee

is responsible for the internal audit function and has retained

an independent internal auditor that is accountable to the

Board through the Audit and Finance Committee, and has

unimpeded access to corporate information and reports.

SIGA’s internal auditor is Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC).

The fee for the internal audit function for the fiscal year

is $340,000. The committee monitors internal controls

over the financial reporting process, auditing matters and

financial reporting issues. The SIGA audit is completed by

the audit firm Deloitte LLP. In addition to the statutory audit

requirements, Deloitte LLP submits management letters that

contain internal control recommendations and identification

of management and system control risks. Deloitte LLP has

examined the corporation’s financial statements and issued

an auditor’s report included in this annual report. The fee for

the audit for the fiscal year is $229,000. Deloitte LLP did

not provide any non-audit services this past fiscal year. The

committee met five times in the 2015-2016 fiscal year.