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I would like offer my sincere thanks to our customers and employees for making 2015-16 another successful year for the

Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority. The support of our customers and hard work by our employees enabled SIGA to achieve

revenues of $258.3M and net earnings of $86.3M of which all is shared with our beneficiaries across Saskatchewan. We are also

very pleased to report this is our fifth consecutive year where net earnings have exceeded $80M.

This past year saw SIGA achieve another significant milestone as we celebrated 20 years of operations. Throughout this time we

have developed six casino properties across Saskatchewan with the support of our First Nation and Tribal Council partners. We have

also developed strong community relationships in all locations by keeping a priority on securing the benefits from our operations on

a regional and provincial wide basis. As an operator we keep a focus on continuously improving the customer experience through

excellent customer service, providing the newest gaming product and memorable facilities with first-rate amenities.

SIGA is proud to be one of the largest and most progressive employers in Saskatchewan. We opened our doors 20 years ago with

just over 550 employees, and grew our workforce to over 1,875 people today of which 65% are First Nation. I am very proud to

report that SIGA placed in the top five across North America in receiving the “Best Casinos to Work For” designation from the North

America Casino Journal. We value all members of the SIGA team. Their commitment to delivering a superior hospitality experience is

the foundation for our long-term success as a company.

As a 100% non-profit organization it makes us proud to return our profits to our First Nations owners, community development

corporations and the province of Saskatchewan. In addition to distributing our net profits, we allocated over $1.2M through our

Community Investment Program to support community initiatives. We are very proud of the impact we have made in the past two

decades, and we look forward to continuing partnerships with communities across the province into the future.

On behalf of SIGA’s executive team, I would like to acknowledge the Chiefs and Elders for their vision in the development of a First

Nation owned and operated corporation. I would like to thank the Board of Directors for their focus on setting our direction and the

governance oversight they provide. Your strategic direction ensures SIGA’s continued success for the First Nations people, and the

province of Saskatchewan.

Zane Hansen

President & CEO

Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority


“This past year saw SIGA achieve

another significant milestone as we

celebrated 20 years of operations.”