Meet Our Executive Team

Hansen, Zane_Final Zane Hansen, President and CEO
Prosser, Tim_Final Tim Prosser, Sr. Vice President of Finance
 Bear, Shauna_Final Shauna Bear, Vice President of Human Resources
 Tootoosis, Lionel_Final Lionel Tootoosis, Sr. Vice President of Operations
Acoose,Vern_Final Vern Acoose, Vice President of IT & Business Development
 Cook, Pat_Final  Pat Cook, Vice President of Corporate Affairs
McNab, Vance_Final Vance McNab, Vice President of Marketing
Daniels, Gary_Final Gary Daniels, Dakota Dunes Casino General Manager
Atcheynum, Kelly_Final Kelly Atcheynum, Gold Eagle Casino General Manager
 Marion, Trevor_Final Trevor Marion, Living Sky Casino General Manager
 Ahenakew, Richard_Final Richard Ahenakew, Northern Lights Casino General Manager
 Ryder, Charles_Final  Charles Ryder, Painted Hand Casino General Manager