SIGA History

On June 10, 1995, the “FSIN First Nation Gaming Act” became a reality and a management body was created.

The Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority (SIGA) is 100% First Nation owned and operated and since 1996, SIGA has been incorporated under the Non-Profit Corporation Act of Saskatchewan, designated as a charitable corporation with 100% of profits being returned to our beneficiaries.

In the early 90s the 74 First Nations in Saskatchewan established SIGA as a means to create opportunity. From our very humble beginnings to a multi- million dollar business employing over 1900 people, the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority (SIGA) is a success story that demonstrates the results of a shared vision of past Elders and leaders: to develop a means of long term sustainable economic development opportunities for First Nations people.

SIGA’s mandate is to:

  1. Create First Nations employment and focus on employee development;
  2. First Nation economic development through the development of the gaming industry and;
  3. To maximize earnings to First Nations people.

Shortly after its creation, SIGA opened the doors to four First Nations casinos in Saskatchewan.  The fifth opened eleven years later:

Finally, SIGA’s added its sixth casino, the Living Sky Casino, which opened in late December 2008 in Swift Current.

SIGA is responsible for the daily management and operation of accounting and auditing systems, the conduct of casino activities, the procurement and maintenance of gaming equipment and the casino’s game delivery, in addition to security and surveillance.