Meet our Family

Hear what our employees are saying! We asked some of our employees to tell us what they like about working at SIGA.  Here’s what they told us:

Tara Starr Guest Services Representative Painted Hand Casino Star Blanket First Nation

I started working at the Painted Hand Casino on May 18, 2011 as a casual Food and Beverage Server and, on March 6, 2013, was successful in obtaining a full-time position as a Guest Services Representative.

I was motivated to apply for a job at SIGA for the incentives and because SIGA is First Nation-owned and -operated.

SIGA has helped me keep my life on track by keeping me grounded so I’m able to do better for my family. I’m able to take my family places and see things they’ve never seen before.

Since being with SIGA, I’ve been able to buy a car and go on family trips. Through the encouragement of my co-workers, I’ve begun to further my education.

My favourite part of working at SIGA is my coworkers, the pay, benefits, and seeing new people every day.


Pauline Umpherville
Human Resources Administrative Assistant
Dakota Dunes Casino
Muskoday First Nation

I was a single mother of three and had my heart set on working for SIGA while I was obtaining my Administrative Assistant Diploma. I was given the opportunity of two job placements in the early months of 2009. I remember my very first day so clearly, because I remember how proud I was, and still am. I remember how everything felt so right for me to be working for a First Nations company. I was beaming with pride as bright as my yellow uniform shirt the moment I first stepped onto the gaming floor.

I have been with SIGA for seven and a half years. I began my career with SIGA on June 23, 2009 at Dakota Dunes Casino as a Guest Services Representative and I’m currently the HR Administrative Assistant at Dakota Dunes Casino.

Since being employed by SIGA, I have been able to purchase a new vehicle, go on trips with my kids, and buy our very own home.

One of my favourite things about working for SIGA is that it’s a successful First Nations business that gives opportunities to First Nations people. This gives me a sense of pride in knowing I will be waking up every day to go to work to support myself and my kids. It also makes me proud to be part of the SIGA family. I hold SIGA in very high regard and I’m very grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given. I will continue to work with SIGA until I retire.


Cortney Bear
Central Office
Whitecap Dakota First Nation

When I became a new mom at the age of 24, I was looking for stable income while my partner completed university.

I have been employed with SIGA for eight years. In January 2009, I successfully obtained a full-time position as a receptionist at SIGA’s central office. In 2013, I entered my current role as the Human Resource Technician in the Human Resource Planning department.

SIGA has supported me by investing in my professional development. They’ve allowed me to attend training and conferences related to my position, grow in areas of improvement such as public speaking, and encouraged me to obtain my Human Resource Management Certificate.

An accomplishment while working with SIGA was the opportunity to grow personally at the same time. The past two years have been challenging as I’ve discovered the deep impacts of residential schools within my family. I never knew how lasting the effects could be by not dealing with this. SIGA provided me the services to get through it. I reached out to counsellors and began my own healing process. There’s something special in knowing I work for an organization that understands and encourages me in any way they can.

Through my employment with SIGA, my partner and I have been able to place our daughters in multiple extracurricular activities and have been fortunate to take family trips.

My favourite thing about working for SIGA is the family orientation. I think it would be tough to find a workplace as sincere as SIGA.


Leanne Martin
Central Office
Ahtakahkoop First Nation

In my previous employment I was not seeing myself grow and I wanted to find a company that I was passionate about ­– so I applied at SIGA.

I started with SIGA on February 17, 2015 as a Technical Services Technician in the Information Technology department. It’s not just a job to me but a great learning experience where I can see myself growing within the organization.

My favourite thing about working for SIGA is the comfort I feel working for an aboriginal organization. This is a great place to be; everyone is so friendly and kind. I really enjoy coming to work.


Pauline Robin Northern Lights Casino Beardy’s & Okemasis First Nation

Pauline Robin
Northern Lights Casino
Beardy’s & Okemasis First Nation

As a single parent I needed to be able to support my family; with competitive wages and benefits SIGA was the place to make that happen.

I started in March of 2014 as a server in the Food and Beverage Department at the Northern Lights Casino. Since then I have had the opportunity of doing acting assignments as Administrative Assistant and Restaurant-Bar Supervisor.

Since my employment with SIGA, I have been able to move out of an apartment and into a house, as well as finance a car for my family.

My favourite thing about working at SIGA would be my co-workers. I have met some amazing people working here who have not only become friends but my family as well.


Mathew Ali Painted Hand Casino

Mathew Ali
Painted Hand Casino

I had a friend who worked at SIGA as a Live Games Dealer and raved about it being the best job he has ever had, and I wanted in. I applied for a Live Games Dealer position at the Painted Hand Casino in January of 2007 and, in 2011, I successfully acquired a position as a Live Games Supervisor.

SIGA is an amazing organization to work for. I was always overweight and when I started to focus on myself and obtaining a personal fitness goal, SIGA was very supportive. Not only did SIGA provide the time off that I needed but they also supported my goals by having an onsite fitness center, providing staff swim passes and weight loss competitions.

When I think about where I would be without SIGA, I worry. Everything I know about gaming and hospitality SIGA has provided through education and experience. It is because of my job at SIGA that I was able to purchase a new vehicle, buy my first home, and have a steady and reliable income.

The best part about working for SIGA is a toss-up between my co-workers and patrons. Work doesn’t feel like work; ultimately my job is to help create a fun, friendly and exciting atmosphere.


Angeline Moosomin Shuttle Bus Driver Gold Eagle Casino Mosquito Grizzly Bear's Head First Nation Battlefords Tribal Council

Angeline Moosomin
Shuttle Bus Driver
Gold Eagle Casino
Mosquito Grizzly Bear’s Head First Nation
Battlefords Tribal Council

I have always wanted to work for SIGA.  I admired the atmosphere and the people who worked there and the benefits were appealing too.

I had been on assistance for 15 years before I went into a Step program with Prairie Employment which assisted me in acquiring my Class 4 driver’s licence. I immediately began driving for Crown cab where my shifts were 12 hours a day, six days a week. I recall many times, while driving behind the Gold Eagle Shuttle, telling my cab patrons that I would like to be the first female shuttle bus driver for the Gold Eagle Casino.

One day I read on the Gold Eagle Casino website that they were looking for a shuttle bus driver. I applied for the position and was given an interview in March of 2012. I started with the Gold Eagle casino as a shuttle bus driver on March 26, 2012.

I am proud to be the first and only female shuttle bus driver ever for the Gold Eagle Casino. I always wanted to be a driver and work in Guest Services. Working for SIGA helped my work and family life become more stable. I am not jumping jobs anymore and I am able to support my family both in person and financially.

While working for SIGA I was able to purchase my first vehicle through credit. I was never able to finance anything in my life. With my job at SIGA, I was finally able to do it on my own. I was also able to take my family on a fishing trip for one week at Canoe Lake West Resort.

My favorite thing about working at the Gold Eagle Casino is the environment, the people I work with and the patrons. I love being part of a team, it feels like family.


Evelyn Daniels Surveillance Supervisor Painted Hand Casino Sturgeon Lake First Nation Prince Albert Grand Council

Evelyn Daniels
Surveillance Supervisor
Painted Hand Casino
Sturgeon Lake First Nation
Prince Albert Grand Council

I was working at the Fort when I decided to join the employee training prior to the opening of Painted Hand Casino, and I have been here ever since. I haven’t regretted that decision. It is an honour to work for a First Nation organization.

I started at SIGA at the Painted Hand Casino as a Cage Supervisor on December 14, 1996. I am now in the Surveillance Department as a Surveillance Supervisor.

SIGA has supported me by giving the training I need to be a great supervisor. One of my greatest accomplishments was my ability to buy a vehicle, and help my sons whenever they need financial assistance. I get to meet new friends and the benefits are great. That is why I have stayed with SIGA and this is where I will retire in a few years.


Genalyn A. Dioso Executive Chef Northern Lights Casino

Genalyn A. Dioso
Executive Chef
Northern Lights Casino

I Started with SIGA in 2012 as a Full-time server, moved to sous chef in 2013, and since then moved to the Executive Chef position. What motivated me to apply was the good reputation SIGA has and how they have carved their own success in giving employment opportunities. SIGA has provided continuous learning, training and growth opportunities related to my current role as a SIGA employee.

One of my greatest accomplishments was once I joined SIGA, I felt proud of myself, it uplifted my morale and I was able to keep my self-esteem very high. I felt blessed and very much accomplished as I was able to purchase a new home I could call my own, and trade in my old car for something new. Now I sleep soundly every night knowing that my family and I can live comfortably.

One of my favorite things about SIGA is the family environment and the relationships that SIGA promotes among their employees. You never feel alone or useless once you’re at work. You are always involved in something very productive and worthwhile.

Moving up from a server to Executive Chef is a big leap in my career and I really appreciate SIGA’s management for giving me this big break. I can’t express how much gratitude I have for this company. SIGA is very close to my heart and to my family as my job here sustains our daily living. I am happy to come to work every day and it gives me joy to see all the people that I am working with. I love to work with patrons and hearing the overwhelming compliments from them. It gives me a deep sense of accomplishment when I hear good comments about how we did in the kitchen. For me, SIGA is my HOME!