SIGA Hot Air Balloon is Ready to Take Flight

The Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority (SIGA) is pleased to announce the launch of a hot air balloon to complement their large format advertising.  The custom made balloon, in the shape of a slot machine, will be seen this fall across the skies of Saskatchewan. 


The SIGA hot air balloon will be piloted by Sundance Balloons, one of the world’s largest operators of commercial hot air balloons.  Passengers will take flight on an ‘Adventure of a Lifetime’, experiencing a spectacular bird’s eye view while they drift through the sky. The SIGA hot air balloon flights will be 45 -90 minutes in duration, and launch at sunrise and sunset between the months of April and October.


This special shape balloon is the first of its kind reaching 80 feet tall, 40 feet wide and made up of nearly 10,000 square feet of fabric.  Scheduled to fly throughout Saskatchewan although mainly in SIGA casino communities, the balloon will help raise awareness of SIGA’s six casinos and promote the SIGA Players Club. 

For more information, please contact:
Derek Sawchuk, Director of Marketing
(306) 477 – 7777

For PDF version of news release Click Here